Markus Gustafsson is the founder and chairman of MindDig, a pioneering talent attraction and retention platform, launched to attract talents the Swedish Arctic to make the green revolution movement possible. He brings an extensive business network of several stakeholders within the area of the green industrial transformation. 

Markus has many years of experience of leading positions in the areas of management, market analysis and strategy, and business development. Previously, he has held the position as the CEO of Prime Group, a reputable PR and Communication agency, in which he has also had roles as Senior Consultant and the Head of business development.

Markus main area of expertise lies within the borderland between communication and management, which usually comprises strategy parcels, conversion work and consulting new entries of key positions.

The team behind Mobilaris Evolve

We are the team behind Mobilaris Evolve. Together, we have a unique experience of scaling technology and business globally, across various industries. Our history has imbued us with a unique viewpoint of growth and we truly understand the challenges of scaling, and how to advise entrepreneurs on how to overcome them.

Advisors and Investment Board

Our advisors and investment board managers have a deep expertise and understanding of investment evaluation and strategy. They work closely to our team, especially during the first phase of start-up and evaluation when they provide experience and advice.

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