Building a sustainable working place

At Mobilaris, we strive to build a healthy and sustainable workplace that enhance the well-being of our employees and the environment. In only a few weeks we are moving into our new home Mobilaris Innovation Center, the most sustainable office building in the north of Sweden, where we will be able to reduce our environmental…

A truly climate-smart building

The construction of Mobilaris Innovation Center meets extremely high sustainability standards applied to design, construction, and operations. It is a unique building in terms of energy efficiency and sustainable materials.

The building will achieve net zero primary energy, which means that the house generates as much primary energy through renewable energy as the house needs for heating, cooling, hot water and property electricity. It meets high energy requirements that will pay off in the long term through reduced operating costs and low operational climate impact. During the construction, only sustainable materials and chemicals have been used, and all building waste has been recycled.

Solar panels on the roof will supply to house with electricity which will reduce the carbon footprint significantly. At the parking lot there will be charging stations and cycle racks to encourage alternative transportations.

A place for a sustainable working life

The past one and a half year has forced us to evaluate new ways of working. We have realized that working from home comes with certain benefits and can be efficient for some tasks. However, we are convinced that we are more innovative and creative when we are able to meet and interact face to face. The spontaneous interactions are often as important as structured meetings. Therefore, we are creating a workplace with the little extra, a meeting place for creativity, innovation, and activities for a fun and healthy working life. A sustainable and climate-smart house that is suitable for modern business and the employees’ needs.

“ We want to foster an inclusive, transparent, and empowering work environment where people can grow personally and professionally for a sustainable working life – and we believe that Mobilaris Innovation Center will be just the place for it” says Sandra Strom, CMO at Mobilaris.

Image to the left – The project of Mobilaris Innovation Center has been managed by Anneli Åhl, former COO at Mobilaris, Linda Hillergren, Project Manager at Skanska, and Daphne Djurberg, Architect at MAF.  

For further information contact:

Sandra Strom, CMO, Mobilaris AB
Phone: +46 70 228 66 97

Our role: Accelerate the global green switch

Mobilaris Evolve’s mission is to accelerate the green transition. We operate as active investors to identify areas where new solutions are needed, and to rapidly scale up green indtech companies and business ideas – launching them towards a global industrial level.