Enabling the industrial transformation through innovation and new technology

Want to learn more about how to accelerate the green industrial transformation through innovation and new technology? Join our discussion at Sweden Innovation Days as we will talk about how to build successful partnerships between technology providers, investors, and industry leaders.

Sweden Innovation Days is a global digital event, dedicated to fostering international collaboration. Taking place on 21-22 March, 2023, this time focusing on how we can enable innovation that makes a difference socially, environmentally and economically. Welcome to join!


Mikael Nyström
CEO, Mobilaris Evolve

Olof Hernell
CDO, H2 Green Steel

Ida Rehnström
COO, Flasheye

Our role: Accelerate the global green switch

Mobilaris Evolve’s mission is to accelerate the green transition. We operate as active investors to identify areas where new solutions are needed, and to rapidly scale up green indtech companies and business ideas – launching them towards a global industrial level.