Mobilaris Industrial Solutions strengthens technology leadership through acquisition of Widefind

Today, massive investments are being made to enable smarter and more sustainable industries, which steadily increases the demand for new technology. To meet the needs of the industry and contribute to the industrial transformation, we are happy to announce that Mobilaris Industrial Solutions has acquired Widefind, a technology firm with unique solutions to enable digitalization…

Through the acquisition, Mobilaris Industrial Solutions now strengthens the capabilities and expertise within strategically important technology areas, such as UWB (Ultra Wideband), a technology that makes it possible to determine distance, movements and positions of machines, people and vehicles with very high precision and reliability. The technology is becoming increasingly important for smart industry and has a wide range of use, for example to warn people getting close to dangerous machines or prohibited areas.

“We always strive to be in the forefront of technology and therefore we see Widefind as an excellent partner to strengthen our expertise in technology areas that are becoming increasingly important. We are incredibly happy to welcome the team, they are a perfect match in technical competence, and also share our vision to enable smarter, safer and more sustainable industries.” says Daniel Enström, CEO of Mobilaris Industrial Solutions.

Widefind was founded in 2016 by researchers and engineers within the Field Robotics group at Luleå University of Technology’s Department of Systems and Space Engineering. The company works to enable digitization and autonomous operations in the complex environments found in heavy industry. Widefind’s main expertise is in UWB, positioning, and robust systems. The offering consists of a reliable positioning solution that contributes to increased safety, efficiency and productivity.

“At Widefind, we work to develop and implement new technology that contributes to the industry’s evolution and progress. As part of Mobilaris Industrial Solutions, we will now have even greater opportunities to do so, which feels great. We are very much looking forward to continuing our work and contributing to the industry of the tomorrow together with Mobilaris.” says Markus Sjölund, CEO of Widefind.

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Enström, CEO, Mobilaris Group
Phone: +46 70 605 53 55

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