Mobilaris invests in Flasheye’s leading technology for smarter and safer industries

In the beginning of 2022, Mobilaris announced that the company will continue the journey towards accelerating the smart, green industrial revolution – by becoming the leading IndTech investment hub in the north of Scandinavia. Now we are happy to share the news that Mobilaris makes the first move into the northern Scandinavian venture space by…

Transforming industrial monitoring

Today, many industries are relying on human attention when monitoring critical events and processes to discover for example intrusion, spillage or breakdowns. This kind of monitoring implicates a risk due to factors such as lack of attention, tiredness, and not being able to get an overview of the environment in 3D. Also, it requires a lot of resources to keep track of processes, people, and machines at industrial sites 24/7.

To solve this, the Luleå-based software company Flasheye has taken proven technology from the automotive-, defense-, and robotics industries into industrial applications, ensuring early detection and alerts of deviations before serious damage occurs, often with more detailed precision than an operator can manage. The unique offering is based on robust and reliable 3D monitoring and surveillance, and allows remote control of processes and activities. Besides safer industries, the technology improves efficiency and responsible use of resources by detecting deviations, side tracking and spillage.

“We believe that Flasheye’s technology has outstanding potential for fast growth and contributes to smarter industrial operations with less waste and accidents. The company has all the qualities of an excellent venture case and fulfills our investment requirements”, says Daniel Enström, CEO at Mobilaris.

Unexplored opportunities and international growth potential

FlashEye’s 3D safe laser monitoring solution is developed with ease of use as a top priority, with a scalable SaaS business model for flexibility and low customer barriers of entry. As a customer, it’s easy to get started and positive results can be expected shortly after the implementation. The solutions can be integrated to file formats and systems already in place at the site, such as video- or access management systems. Today, the main application area is industrial conveyor belts, but there are many unexplored opportunities for the technology, both within Sweden and internationally.

Supporting growth with more than capital

As an investor, Mobilaris intends to do more than simply invest capital in FlashEye.

“We will be active owners, and in close partnership offer support within areas like business-, go-to-market-, and sales strategy. We know digitalization and how to bring technology to the market. Now, we are looking forward using our knowledge and experience to support the growth of Flasheye”, continues Daniel Enström.

“We are extremely glad and inspired to have Mobilaris as an investor. Mobilaris has a unique track record of building and scaling IndTech companies on a global market, in addition to a clear ambition to drive positive change. We apply our smart solutions on proven and robust technology. Now, we want to bring our products to the Nordics as well as the international market. Together with Mobilaris we aim to build a world leading company within safety, quality and productivity for our clients”, says Ulf Lindström, CEO at Flasheye.

Our role: Accelerate the global green switch

Mobilaris Evolve’s mission is to accelerate the green transition. We operate as active investors to identify areas where new solutions are needed, and to rapidly scale up green indtech companies and business ideas – launching them towards a global industrial level.