Mobilaris launches Mobilaris Evolve to accelerate the smart, green industrial transformation

Earlier this year, we revealed that Mobilaris will continue its journey by accelerating the smart, green industrial revolution. Today we are launching our new company name and brand: Mobilaris Evolve. Through Mobilaris Evolve, we will invest in indtech companies with groundbreaking technology and help brave and remarkable entrepreneurs to grow.

Mobilaris Evolve is the result of a fantastic growth story. Over the years, we have collected a unique experience and deep understanding of technology and growing businesses on a global market. We have built several companies that solve real problems and disrupt industries with new ways of carrying out operations.

Today, we are positioned to advise entrepreneurs on how to overcome the challenges of scaling. We will now invest our capital and expertise to help entrepreneurs, lead transformational companies, and accelerate the growth of their businesses.

The right time and place

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time and disruptive technology is a necessity to enable a smart green industrial switch. In our region, the north of Sweden, historic green investments are being made. Industries are decarbonizing, from battery manufacturers to steel factories, and they are powered by fossil free energy generated in the Swedish Arctic.

At Mobilaris Evolve, we are committed to contributing to the industrial transformation by backing ideas and projects that can solve today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Our goal is to become the leading indtech investor helping companies scale technology and innovation for a better tomorrow.

A different kind of investor

We will operate as hands-on investors and our team will help entrepreneurs recognize what they need to scale up, from capital and competence to strategic management support. Our portfolio companies will always have our dedicated support and access to a network of experienced business leaders, industry experts, and advisors.

– We will be active owners, sharing our experience and working hands-on to scale companies to a global market. Besides capital, we will boost growth by offering support with technology and business strategy, talent pipelines, go-to-market plans, business networks, partnerships, international establishments, M&A and support services through partnerships, says Daniel Enström, CEO at Mobilaris Evolve.

Innovators and entrepreneurs

Here in the Nordic region, the tech scene is full of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. We are now looking forward to meeting entrepreneurs with bright ideas, ready to take their business to the next level. At our office arena Mobilaris Innovation Center, we have the right space for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead, and we host networking activities for business growth.

– Mobilaris has successfully scaled technology on a global market many times before. Now, we are looking forward to using our 20 years of experience to enable entrepreneurs with great ideas to grow. If you feel like your idea or company can contribute to the smart green industrial revolution, be sure to contact us, we would love to hear your pitch, says Mikael Nyström, Senior Advisor at Mobilaris Evolve.

For more information contact:
Sandra Strom, CMO, Mobilaris Evolve
Phone +46 70 228 66 97

Our role: Accelerate the global green switch

Mobilaris Evolve’s mission is to accelerate the green transition. We operate as active investors to identify areas where new solutions are needed, and to rapidly scale up green indtech companies and business ideas – launching them towards a global industrial level.