Advisor and investment board member

Johan Hermarck is the founder and chairman of Provider Investment AB, an evergreen investment company with a software focus, with over 30 years of experience and over 100 investments in the Nordic venture capital market. Johan Hernmarck is also board member of many tech B2B companies focusing on digital solutions for various industries.

The team behind Mobilaris Evolve

We are the team behind Mobilaris Evolve. Together, we have a unique experience of scaling technology and business globally, across various industries. Our history has imbued us with a unique viewpoint of growth and we truly understand the challenges of scaling, and how to advise entrepreneurs on how to overcome them.

Advisors and Investment Board

Our advisors and investment board members have a deep expertise and understanding of investment evaluation and strategy. They work closely to our team, especially during the first phase of start-up and evaluation when they provide experience and advice.