The Future We Build

Enabling tomorrow’s smart industries

The world needs a change more rapid and thorough than ever. Here, in the nordic region, the indtech scene is overflowing with creativity and entrepreneurship. Let’s find out just how far it can take us.

Over the course of history, industrial progress and sustainability have grown further and further apart. Now is the time to change that. We back those who drive positive change, challenge old truths and the so-called impossible. Together, we can create a better tomorrow.

This is the time

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time, and we need to act now. Disruptive technology and innovation are necessities to enable the smart green industrial switch and we are committed to back ideas and projects that create real solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

This is the place

We are proud to see how our home, northern Sweden, has become the center of the green industrial revolution. Historic investments are being made to bring green industrial breakthroughs to the global market at scale. We see the industries of tomorrow being built decarbonized, from batteries to steel, powered by fossil free energy generated in the Swedish Arctic. Now, we need more innovators, talents, and entrepreneurs to join us. We need you.

The Swedish Arctic as an enabling environment

Bold investments

More than 120 billion Euros are being invested to decarbonize industries in the north, including transforming areas such as renewable energy, battery production and fossil-free steel. The green investments have a positive impact on the whole business landscape including start-ups and smaller companies.

Pioneering companies

Many of the industrial players committed to combat the climate crisis are established here in the north from where they are tranforming entire industries. This enables the region to set leading standards to be applied throughout the world and in many industrial sectors.

Groundbreaking innovation and research

Challenging conventional ways of working require innovative minds and a curiosity about the unknown. Here, in northern Sweden, innovation hubs are working together with both industry-leading companies and academia to find new ways to enable smarter and more sustainable industries.

Wanted: Brave entrepeneurs and disruptive technologies

Who we look for

Indtech revolutionaries

We target the northern Scandinavian region and the ambitious leaders of tomorrow within the indtech software segment, especially B2B companies with scalable business models and international potential. As investors, we are in it for the long run. We operate as active owners and will put everything into accelerating your business.

What we look for

Gaps in the market

We want to be the first to take action when opportunities to solve industrial challenges appear. To quickly turn ideas into reality, we have a powerful network of co-investors and strategic business partners, always ready to start-up and scale-up. We can start new businesses from scratch, or put two existing ones together to address a challenge.

A proven path to evolve

We invest venture capital and expertise in transformational companies, and remarkable entrepreneurs, to accelerate the growth of their businesses. For us, return on investment always combines revenue and profit with driving positive change. We will use our combined experience, know-how and business network to create profitable impact companies that last over time.

Connect with us

We love to hear about the most ground-breaking ideas from the most passionate people. Get in touch with our team if you are ready to accelerate.